My name is Earl Kessler. I have been a designer
and illustrator for over 10 years.  Eye-catching advertisements and bold designs are my specialty. ​
My style is inspired by my love for retro 
aesthetics and illustration styles, mixed with modern design trends–satisfying my desire to create sharp, interesting pieces with their own character.

​​I am currently a freelance designer specializing in advertising design, package design, movie key-art and illustration. Most of my time is spent doing creative and marketing for clients both locally and nationwide. In the past I have worked in the Outdoor Advertising industry as an Art Director. As a volunteer for the Sherman Theater, I manage and coordinate annual cinema events. I also curate historical exhibitions with The Museum of VHS and oversee the film production outfit, Coffinnail Creative

When I'm not doing art projects I enjoy the outdoors, working on old cars and watching
horror movies.